• Curtain Blinds
  • Curtain Blinds

Curtain Blinds

Curtain Blinds

A Design Center Ltd. Part. is a construction and interior company based in Udon Thani, Thailand. We supply, design and install furnishing, aluminum glass, ceiling, curtain, blinds, carpet, wallpaper, partition, etc.

A Design Center provides a wide range of curtain and home decorative items for your own house. Our curtain and blinds are created as modern style and easy to use. Moreover, we also provide wallpaper and colorful carpet for your beautiful home.

We are autorized dealer of famous fabric furnishings under the brand "VIVACE By VC Fabric"

  • Partition


    Distributor of high quality setting is suitable for all types of rooms such as worked room, dressing room.

  • Blinds


    Curtains for sun shield. Decorative wall along the edge with a plain color, pattern, and can be decorated to match the home as well.

  • Blinds and Translucent Fabric

    Blinds and Translucent Fabric

    Highlight used to decorate beautiful homes. Translucent light minimal access. There are beautiful views and comfortable. Can be mounted both the door

  • Carpet and Furniture

    Carpet and Furniture

    Carpet kit and a set of furniture for the conference, office room, hotel with luxurious style rule is compatible as well.

  • Blinds & Wallpaper

    Blinds & Wallpaper

    We buy collections curtains and wallpaper that are beautiful and can be used to decorate your own luxurious style.

  • Curtains Lighting

    Curtains Lighting

    For the curtain at the vertical standard size 89 mm. type of curtains have many many kinds can be made as a whole the synthetic fibers and an opaque.

  • Folding Curtains

    Folding Curtains

    Folding curtain is a mess and its beauty due to the folding curtains have a focal point in the matter of the nested class is folded equally beautiful.

  • Roller Blinds

    Roller Blinds

    As the curtains are good point is simplicity. Emphasis on space saving and easy storage. The design is compatible with all forms of interior decoratio

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Name: Mr. Tanakrit Metheewong
Department: Owner
Year Joined: August 2011
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Company Name: A Design Center Ltd. Part.
Registered Address: 969/26 Ring Road Makkhang 41000
Country/Territory: Thailand , Udonthani
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Industry Category: Furniture
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About Factory

Company Name: A Design Center Ltd. Part.
Contact Person: Mr. Tanakrit Metheewong
Address: 969/26 Ring Road
Sub-district: Makkhang
Province: Udonthani
Country: Thailand
Zip Code: 41000
Phone: +6642205061
Fax: +6642205061
Mobile: +6699-1479159
E-Mail: adesigncenter@hotmail.com
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